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IL (E) Marketing Materials, Use of Utility Logo/Name, Conduct, Training & Sales Agent Compliance (IL-E-102)

Our licensed attorneys and regulatory experts carefully designed this course to teach students the basics of energy shopping in the State of Illinois.

This course consists of two parts – Part A and B. This course covers the Illinois Alternative Retail Electric Supplier or ARES Part 412, Subpart B “Marketing Practices”.

In Part A, Application, Marketing Materials & Use of Utility Name/Logo, the student first learns that the Marketing Practices rules apply to retail electric suppliers marketing to residential and small commercial customers. Second, students learn about specific information that must be included in all supplier marketing materials, regardless of the sales channel. For example, all marketing material must display the price-to-compare information and include specific disclosed statements.

Part A concludes by focusing on using the utility name and logo. Students learn that using the utility name or logo and any suggestions of affiliation with the utility is strictly prohibited. Finally, the course provides some examples of misrepresentation and ends by discussing a limited exception.

Part A covers the following Part 412 of the ICC rule sections:
Section 412.80 Application of Subpart B
Section 412.100 Marketing Materials
Section 412.105 Use of Utility Logo and Name

In Part B, Conduct, Training and Compliance of ARES Sales Agents, the student learns that the electric supplier is responsible for ensuring its sales agents are trained and knowledgeable about the ICC rules. In addition, the supplier must teach the agent about the contract terms and rates, the rescission period, and much more.

Students also learn that sales agents may not make misleading or untrue affiliations about the supplier’s relationship with the utilities, governmental agencies, consumer groups, or their programs. The course also identifies several record retention obligations. The student also learns about supplier agent training and ongoing monitoring requirements. The course concludes on the topic of training documentation, retention and reporting requirements.

Part B covers the following ICC Part 412 rule section:
Section 412.170 Conduct, Training and Compliance of ARES Sales Agents

This course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

The student takes a short quiz at the end of the course. On successful completion of the exam, the student receives a certificate.

Commodity: Electric

  • Part A: Application, Marketing Materials & Use of Utility Name/Logo
  • Part B: Conduct, Training and Compliance of ARES Sales Agents
  • Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 6 months