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IL (E) Definitions, Compliance, Waiver & ARES Utility Assistance Recipient (IL-E-101)

Our licensed attorneys and regulatory experts carefully designed this course to teach students the basics of energy shopping in the State of Illinois.

This course consists of two parts – Part A and B. This course covers the Illinois Alternative Retail Electric Supplier or ARES Part 412, Subpart A rules entitled “General”.

In Part A, Definitions, the students learn important Illinois Alternative Retail Electric Supplier concepts and definitions contained in the following definition rule section:
Section 412.10 Definitions

In Part B- Compliance, Waiver and AES Utility Assistance Recipient- the student first gets introduced to compliance obligations and whether waivers to rules are possible and, if so, under what circumstances. Next, students learn that retail electric suppliers may not market to or serve residential customers that receive low-income financial utility assistance. And this course ends by learning a few exceptions to this marketing limitation. Part B covers the following rule sections:
Section 412.15 Compliance
Section 412.20 Waiver
Section 412.40 AES Utility Assistance Recipient

This course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

The student takes a short quiz at the end of the course. On successful completion of the exam, the student receives a certificate.

Commodity: Electric

  • Part A: Definitions
  • Part B: Compliance, Waiver and AES Utility Assistance Recipient
  • Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 6 months