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DE (E) Green Products, Fuel Resource Mix & Net Metering (DE-E-350)

This course was developed by our licensed attorneys and regulatory experts. This course teaches students on the Delaware Public Service Commission's Electric Supply 3001 Rules. All regulated brokers, suppliers or marketers must be trained on these rules.

****Part A – Green Products, Fuel Resource Mix & Net Metering****
Part A begins by examining the green power product requirements. First, students learn how green products are defined. Next, the course overviews renewable energy credits (REC) and renewable portfolio standard (RPS) regulations. This includes an overview of energy credits, green power registration, disclosures, labeling and reporting requirements.

Students learn what Suppliers must include in the disclosure of fuel resource mix report, when this report is due and what information must be posted on the Supplier's website? Part A concludes with an introduction to the net metering rules that include some key concepts, definitions and conditions and ends on the topic of meter requirements.

Part A covers the following rule sections
• 3001 Section 13.0 – Green Power Products
• 3001 Section 14.0 – Disclosure of Fuel Resource Mix
• 3001 Section 15.0 – Net Metering

****Part B – Green Products, Fuel Resource Mix & Net Metering****
Part B begins with the topic of net metering credits. We start with an overview of the ownership rights to the net metering credits. Next, the course explores how the annualized billing period is handled for residential and non-residential customers. Next, the student learns about meter obligations, how the Supplier must handle customer net metering disputes, and other related responsibilities.

Part B continues with the following rule section:
• 3001 Section 15.0 – Net Metering

This course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. There will be a short quiz at the end of the course. On successful completion of the quiz, you will receive a certificate.

Commodity: Electric

  • Part A - Green Products, Fuel Resource Mix & Net Metering
  • Part B - Green Products, Fuel Resource Mix & Net Metering
  • Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year