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DE (E) Definitions, Enrollments & Billing (DE-E-101)

This course was developed by our licensed attorneys and regulatory experts. This course was carefully designed to teach students on the Delaware Public Service Commission’s Electric Supply 3001 Rules. All regulated brokers, suppliers or marketers must be trained on these rules

****Part A – Definitions, Pre-Enrollments & Customer Lists ****
The course begins by highlighting several terms and phrases used throughout the Delaware electric supplier rules. The student then learns how the Supplier obtains the customer information from the utility and what types of customer information the utility must provide and how often the utility must update these lists. The course also examines the purpose of the customer consent and how long the supplier must keep the customer consent records.

Part A covers the following rule sections:
• 3001 Section 1.0 – Key Definitions
• 3001 Section 3.0 – Pre-Enrollment Information

**** Part B - Enrollments, Drops, Billing & Metering ****
The first thing we will learn in this section is that these rules apply to energy providers serving or marketing to residential and small commercial customers. The course identifies the utility customer enrollment notification procedures and associated timeline. Next, the customer drop procedures are examined including how & when drop requests are handled. The course also examines when and how cancellation fees may be applied.

In the billing and metering portion of the course, the student first learns what bill options are available to customers to customers in the State of Delaware. The student also learns what type of information must be included in the customer bill. And the last topic in this section identifies customer meter requirements and applicable meter reading functions.

Part B covers the following rule sections:
• 3001 Section 4.0. - Enrollments & Drops - Accelerated Switching
• 3001 Section 5.0 – Billing & Metering

This course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. There will be a short quiz at the end of the course. On successful completion of the quiz, you will receive a certificate.

Commodity: Electric

  • Part A - Definitions, Pre-Enrollments & Customer Lists
  • Part B - Enrollments, Drops, Billing & Metering
  • Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year